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Monday, April 23, 2007

Weatherization Poised to Become Issue in Presidential Campaign

On Sunday, April 22, our nation celebrated Earth Day, a time when pressing environmental issues are brought to the forefront and solutions are reflected upon for the benefit of all.

It was on this day that Candidate John Edwards chose to unveil his campaign's environmental agenda.


The platform, which includes the “Edwards Plan to Meet the Demand for More Electricity through Efficiency,” highlights what he believes are some of the most important issues in energy conservation. Among those listed is the Weatherization Assistance Program.

Clearly, weatherization for low income households has made it to the forefront-- where it belongs.

Regardless of political affiliation, it is of great significance that our Program has become a point by any party in a national election. This attests to the true effectiveness and value of the WAP, the lives it touches, and the positive environmental impact it makes.

The hard work and dedication of each and every man and woman who serves the Program has been recognized, the environmental benefits have been recognized, and our voices have clearly been heard.

We thank Mr. Edwards for his recognition of our Program and urge all political leaders, regardless of affiliation to continue this excellent dialogue which benefits all Americans.

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