A blower door test is one of the many diagnostic features employed by our program to ensure the highest energy savings possible for those we serve.

Friday, April 13, 2007

A Positive Note...

The WAP Blog has now been operational for 30 days. During this month, we have explored what uses we may put this forum to. Those reading may have noticed that the content is often quite passionate, if not just a bit opinionated-- particularly in regards to the Department of Energy’s clear deprioritization of the WAP. That’s because we take pride in our Program. We recognize the true impact of the WAP and how essential it is to both the environment, homes, and the clients we serve.

When we speak out, it is from true belief and passion for a program we know has changed millions of lives for the better and has made significant reductions to energy consumption since its inception. We are acting now to ensure that it will continue to do so for years to come.

Let's expand what this Blog has to offer even further...

Every day, folks from across the county are visiting this forum. Readers include Congressional staffers, the Department of Energy, and Energy Conservation/ WAP professionals from across the Network.

What better opportunity to tell our story?

Is there something new and exciting happening with your state's program, an event or accomplishment worth celebrating? A new technology or innovation you feel with be useful to your peers?

Reply to this post and share it here. Let’s celebrate our accomplishments together.

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