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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

FY07 Budget Update

We are sad to report that the House and Senate Conferees on the Iraq War Supplemental have dropped the Senate language which would have restored an additional $25 million in WAP funds for FY07. This means the cuts announced by the DOE stand and funding will remain at the $204.5 million level. We must now turn our eyes to FY08 to ensure funding is restored to the highest possible levels.

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Bob Scott said...

This is very disappointing, not just because of the significant cut from 2006 funding but also the message it might send - the Adminstration is able to cut WAP.

It is also a bit confusing that the House would not follow the Senate lead for this supplemental increase when it was the House who passed a bill last year for
an increase to around $254 million for 2007.

I hope this is not an indication of a funding trend for 2008. I am sure we will all have our work cut out for us to continue to educate Congress on the value and success of WAP.