A blower door test is one of the many diagnostic features employed by our program to ensure the highest energy savings possible for those we serve.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Virtual Site Demos

Embedded in this blog are a series of video clips related to weatherization. These are streamed from the "You Tube" website which is a forum designed to self-publish a wide range of video footage.

Although the above clips are not offical WAP footage, they have been temporarily included to offer the public a clearer understanding of what weatherization is and what it looks like.
We strongly encourage you to submit clips of actual measures installed on low income homes through the WAP.

Through this vehicle we hope to reach an even greater number of stakeholders and allow them to witness the benefits of the programs virtually through this site.

We make an open call for footage of:

1. Interviews with WAP Directors
2. Interviews with Clients
3. Success Stories
4. Homes Being Weatherized

If you would like to contribute to this project, please email aspector@nascsp.org as soon as possible.

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