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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Massachusetts Subgrantee Recognized for Outstanding Weatherization Program

Wednesday, May 9-- Today, in the Mayor's Office at City Hall, Worcester Mayor Konnie Lukes announced the first annual Mayor's Clean & Green Awards in recognition of those who are making the necessary transition to clean, green energy, buildings and practices.

The Institutional Award was given to Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) Subgrantee, Worcester Community Action Council (WCAC), Inc. staff for their energy efficiency program. The program has provided weatherization assistance, heating system repair, improved insulation, appliance replacement, and other measures for low income homes in the area.

Through this recognition, the Mayor honors and promotes the outstanding efforts in Worcester that reflect the city's goals, outlined in the Climate Action Plan, of energy conservation and use of renewable energy.The City of Worcester's Climate Action Plan establishes goals to reduce greenhouse gases by 11% and increase renewable energy usage 20%, by 2010. These Awards demonstrate how everyone can undertake similar reductions in greehouse gas emissions.

Each Clean & Green Award recipient will be commemorated with the planting of a tree in their favorite park and the placement of a plaque there. The trees are being donated by Echobrook Nursery.

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