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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

An Open Invitation

The material posted here is not and should not be a one-sided dialogue. Each time our organization and its members speak out against actions that are potentially harmful to the Program, it is not simply to hear our own voices echo back.

At times the only solution to strained relationships and a breakdown of communications is to offer a frank and clear assessment of where one stands. Each statement we make, each concern we address, is an open invitation to begin a productive discussion with all parties concerned.

It is in this spirit that we invite Mr. Karsner, and any other member of the Department of Energy to respond to our criticisms and concerns whether it be through our newsletter, listserv, or this blog.

We will gladly accept and publish any response, counter-argument, or defense offered. Once this is achieved, and both parties have had the opportunity to speak with absolute candor, we will be able to move forward and make the WAP stronger than ever before.

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