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Friday, March 30, 2007

Congratulations to Senator Sanders (I-VT), the Northeast Midwest Senate Energy Coalition, NCAF, and all those who worked on getting this amendment included in the 2007 Supplemental Bill passed by the Senate. The amendment passed on a voice vote.

As you may already know, the President has made several public statements regarding his willingness to veto this Bill until it is stripped of all special interest funding and the deadline for troop withdrawal from Iraq. Whether he will actual back up his rhetoric with a veto of the Bill remains anybody's guess. And it is difficult to predict whether the House and Senate have enough votes to override his veto, if he uses it - although many of the political pundits don't believe the votes are there in either Chamber.

Regardless, even if the bill never becomes a law, this is still terrific news for the Program. It further demonstrates the will of Congress to fund our Weatherization efforts on behalf of low-income families at levels far above those being proposed by the Administration. Thank you Senator Sanders for believing in us.

Bob Adams

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