A blower door test is one of the many diagnostic features employed by our program to ensure the highest energy savings possible for those we serve.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Updated Savings and Energy Data

Following is the basic data update for the Weatherization Assistance Program based on the Annual Energy Outlook for 2008 and the first-year energy savings based on the February 2008 Short Term Energy Outlook.

Please feel free to share these numbers with all interested parties.

Ø The average first-year savings based on the current Short Term Energy Outlook for 2008 in current dollars is now $413.

Ø The estimated average energy benefit in 2006 dollars over the life of the measures is $5,274.

Ø The estimated average cost per unit in 2006 dollars is $3,204.

Ø The benefit/cost ratio is 1.65.

Ø The estimated average value of non-energy benefits in 2006 dollars is $3,446.

Ø The societal benefit/cost ration is 2.72

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