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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

House Omnibus Update for WAP

The House passed their version of the Omnibus last evening. The Senate is working on their version today. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

The Omnibus compromise bill provides $227.24 million for Weatherization Assistance at DOE. This final figure is $23 million above the current year funding, which was reduced by DOE using its one-time authority under the 2007 Continuing Resolution. (from $242 in 2006). It is also $85 million more than the President Requested. The Administration is planning to phase out the program.

Report language specifically prevents utilizing the T&TA funds for programs other than the statutory Weatherization program.

The Conference Committee report also includes language designed to prevent the Department from using Weatherization funding for other purposes, as its leadership has proposed in numerous public meetings. It says: The funds provided for federal technical assistance and training are intended to be used exclusively to support the effective delivery of weatherization services as set forth in statute and applicable regulations. Any change in program implementation should be proposed to Congress in the Department’s budget submission and not implemented before Congressional approval is obtained.

The Bill also retains the language allowing states to apply for an early program start in the event they so choose (to help keep funding from running out following the large 2007 cuts, especially to warm climate states.)

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