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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Weatherizing Homes Reduces Utility Bills, Improves Comfort Level

SACRAMENTO – As the winter season and cold weather approach, most families in California will raise their thermostats to combat dropping temperatures. For low-income families, however, turning up the heat is not always an option. These families pay about 14.6 percent of their annual income on energy, compared with only 3.2 percent for other households, and often cut back on other necessities to pay their energy bills.

"As winter approaches, I encourage all Californians to consider weatherizing their homes to lower their energy expenses and increase their energy conservation," said Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

One of the most efficient and economical means of energy conservation and lowering utility bills is weatherization. Weatherization is the practice of protecting a home or building and its interior from the elements and of modifying or repairing it to reduce energy consumption and optimize energy efficiency.

"The fact is weatherization works. It’s low-cost and improves energy efficiency and the comfort level during extreme weather conditions," said Lloyd Throne, Director of the California Department of Community Services and Development (CSD). "Weatherization reduces average annual energy costs per household by about $358 during the first year. For every $1 invested in weatherization, $1.53 is returned in energy-related benefits."

CSD partners with a network of more than 100 local community service providers who directly administer federal grant programs, including the federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and the Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program (DOE WAP) for low-income families. In 2006, CSD’s network distributed over $112 million in LIHEAP/DOE WAP funding to more than 250,000 eligible households for emergency, financial and weatherization assistance, which includes attic insulation, weather-stripping and minor housing repairs.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recognizes the plight of low-income families in meeting their home energy needs and has proclaimed October 30, 2007, as "Weatherization Day" in California to raise awareness of the importance of weatherization.

The Governor’s proclamation can be viewed at www.gov.ca.gov/archive/proclamations. For more information about weatherization, log on to http://www.csd.ca.gov/.

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